Superior Detection Systems SDS - SDS Security - Shady Contracts? Apparently so.

This company uses what is called an "evergreen clause" (the name says it all) so beware - very, very aware.

Basically, after you pay your contract, they stick you with another year AUTOMACIALLY for another 12 months, and another 12 months, and another 12 months, until you write in to cancel. Here's the kicker, they're not renewing your contract for 1 more MONTH, but rather a FULL YEAR. It's barely legal but there is someone about to kick their *** in court. They just don't know it yet.

Here's how to handle it...

First, and foremost . . . DO NOT PAY THEM, EVEN IF THEY THREATEN YOUR CREDIT RATING. If you pay them, you’re essentially “acknowledging” the debt. You’ll have little/no recourse if you pay them.

Inform others. Post your “review” and “experience” on other sites (Awareness is the first goal).






Join us in the fight – we’re gaining traction!


File a complaint with the Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board: (This will yield the most impact so don’t skip this). Their LICENSE NUMBER IS TN License# C-1050


File a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Affairs (This is also very important. Do NOT skip this step)

NOTE: Pursuant to TCA Title 47, Chapter 18, the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, you may want to file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs, 5th Floor, 500 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, Tennessee 37243. (615-741-4737) or (800-342-8385)

File a complaint with the BBB (yes, even though the BBB has dropped them — for obvious reasons)


Give your attorney their Corporate filing ID: (they’re operating under assumed names — which is not legal).


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Superior Detection Systems SDS in Ashburn, Virginia - SDS Superior Detection is Unethical

Loyal 6 year customer that got transfered and cancelled service only to be told that the contract was auto-renewed weeks earlier and credit would be trashed if didn't pay for a full year of no service. This is how they treal a loyal customer - they violate someone who hired them to protect themselves from being violated.

I called Kevin Allen, who was referred by the BBB and he did not calm the situation. Rather, he questioned my integrity, belittled me and actually encouraged me to do what I am doing now. So SDS, that is what I am doing - following the advice of your employee who is so stubborn and unethically rigid that to collect a few more months of income from a wronged customer, he is willing to blow countless thousands of future revenue.

You may have fine print on your documents that makes what you do legal, but you will not grow your company if you keep acting is such unethical ways and hiring employees that not only follow your business plan - but relish in it.

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Ashburn, Virginia
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Superior Detection Systems SDS in Saint Louis, Missouri - SDS Security - Shady contracts - Don't Use Them!!!!

SDS Security ***--- they troll the new home sales in the paper and intrudes on people when they are moving in trying to sell them security services. Well, a huge mistake on my part was letting them in the door when my defenses were down.

They conned us into security services for 3 years. Well, my husband lost his job - was out of work for 7 months - until we had to move out of state for him to take a job. Despite the fact that we sold the house, SDS Security in their shady business practices hounded us to continue to pay the monthly fee. Now they are threatening to send it to court.

What Jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not go with SDS - I would love nothing more than to see them go out of business - Definitely do not sign any long-term contracts with them without a clause that you can get out of the ridiculous contract. SDS ***!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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Saint Louis, Missouri
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Superior Detection Systems SDS in Nashville, Tennessee - Superior Detection Systems

I just movd into a home that had a SDS system installed. I called SDS this morning to inquire on pricing to have the system activated.

I was told that all salespersons were on calls and was asked if I wanted to leave my name and number to have someone call me back. I told the man on the phone that I would have to call back later in the day, that I was at work on a break and would call back on my lunch. Twenty minutes later my personal cell phone rang and it was the owner of the company. I questioned him on why he was caling me, when I had stated I would cal back when the time was more convienant.He then stated that he was the owner and really wanted my business.

I told him I was not very impressed so far, being that his company had disregarded my wishes and called me. He then got very upset and started using profanity at me. I asked for his managers name, he stated he was the manger and laughed, finding humor in the fact that there was no higher person to express my concern. I preceeded to tell him that I was very disappointed that an owner of a company could treat and talk to a potential customer that way.

He then informed me that he owed me no customer service, because at this time I am not a paying customer. I hung the phone up. For three hours after that, the manger Michael called my cell phone harrassing me and hanging up the phone. Some calls were made from the company phone and some were made from a blocked line coming through as UNKNOWN.

I have never in my life been talked to by a company manager before, and never been harrassed for three hours for questioning a company's right to privacy for the consumer and a managers customer service skills! This is my warning to all interested persons in home security..... do not call this company!!!

Thank God for ADT!

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Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #805092

Do not sign a contract with these guys. We got locked into paying over $300 for service on a home we did not even own.

We had been a customer for 6 years and sold the home 2 months after the agreement auto renewed. There are too many options in Brentwood, TN to use this group.

Nashville, Tennessee
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